Brand New Book "4-Hour Agency Secrets" Reveals:
How I Closed 10-20 Agency Clients Every Month on Auto-Pilot (Even in a Pandemic)
NO sales calls. NO client meetings. NO client management.
WHAT THE HECK AM I TALKING ABOUT? Read on to learn more...
What is The 4-Hour Agency™?

Hi, I'm Jeff from Freedomholic 👋

I wanna share with you how I built a 6-figure digital agency running almost on auto-pilot.

The 4-Hour Agency™ is a digital agency that I built to deliver in-demand services on auto-pilot.

You see, selling a service is an easy way to start a business online - without huge startup costs.

But to achieve real freedom, we must stop selling our time for money.

Instead, we need to build a scalable agency that delivers services on auto-pilot.

An agency that works on YOUR own terms, NOT the clients’.

NO MORE ad hoc projects, no more sales calls, no more client meetings, no more managing clients’ expectations, no more struggling to find clients, etc.

Here's how I did it.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Week 1: Overview of The 4-Hour Agency

    • Introduction to Week 1

    • 3 Ways to Make Money Online

    • Why Sell Services?

    • Agency vs Freelancer

    • Your Ideal Lifestyle

    • Why the Traditional Agency Model Is Flawed

    • What Is The 4-Hour Agency?

    • Who Is This Suitable For?

    • Agency 30-Day Startup Guide: 30 Days to Launching Your Agency & Getting Your First Clients

    • Quiz Time!

  • 2

    Week 2: Figuring Out Your Market & Niche

    • Introduction to Week 2

    • Difference Between Market and Niche

    • What Does "Niching Down" Mean?

    • Should I Niche Down?

    • How to Get Over the Fear of Niching Down?

    • Shortlisting Your Chosen Market

    • The One Question That Unlocks Everything

    • Taking Stock of Your Assets

    • Shortlisting Your Niche

    • Evaluating Your Market/Niche

    • 1,000 Agency Profitable Niches

    • Quiz Time!

  • 3

    Week 3: Creating Your Productized Service

    • Introduction to Week 3

    • What's Your Mission Statement?

    • How to Resonate With Your Market

    • How to Standardize Your Offer

    • How to Craft an Irresistible Offer

    • How to Sell Results, Not Time

    • How to Create a Win/Win Guarantee

    • How to Create a Unique Offer

    • How to Package It Up

    • How to Offer the Illusion of Choice

    • How to Reduce Setup Time

    • How to Name Your Offer

    • How to Price Your Offer

    • How to Get Paid Again and Again

    • How to Print Money While You Sleep

    • How to Get Paid Creating a 6-7 Figure Asset

    • Conclusion

    • Quiz Time!

  • 4

    Week 4: Putting It All Together

    • Introduction to Week 4

    • Putting It All Together

    • The Basics

    • The Opt-in Page

    • The Sales Page

    • Software for Opt-in & Sales Pages

    • Upsells

    • Offer Bump

    • One-time Offer (OTO)

    • Your Sales Machine on Steroids

    • Setting Up an Automated Email Responder

    • Creating a Platform

    • Scaling Your Agency

    • Setting Up Productivity Tools

    • Outsourcing Your Work

    • Agency Outsourcing Formula: The Ultimate Handbook to Outsourcing for Your Agency

    • Agency Automation Formula: The Ultimate Handbook to Automating Your Agency

    • Epilogue

  • 5

    Bonus: Get Your First Client 7-Day Challenge

    • Welcome to "Get Your First Client" 7-Day Challenge

    • Day #1: The “Ask Your Market” Method

    • Day #2: The “Eager Learner” Method

    • Day #3: The “Easy Bait” Method

    • Day #4: The “Ask” Method

    • Day #5: The “Value Bomb” Method

    • Day #6: The “Case Study” Method

    • Day #7: The “Influence the Influencer” Method

  • 6

    Other Resources

    • Examples of Productized Services

Frequently Asked Questions About The 4-Hour Agency™

Still have questions? Email us:

  • How is The 4-Hour Agency different from other systems?

    Most other systems teach you how to find clients. Usually that's through a lot of hustle. Many agency owners clock 80-100 hours a week just to help build other people's business. The 4-Hour Agency, on the other hand, is a huge paradigm shift. It spells out an agency system where you essentially "productize" your services, so that fulfillment is streamlined and consumes less time. Using this methodology, your agency can be automated and scaled easily, freeing you time for more important things in life.

  • Is the content immediately available?

    Yes, you get instant access to all the content as soon as you complete your purchase.

  • What if I decide this is not for me?

    I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No hard feelings! BUT, I am committed to making this work for all my students so please reach out if you need any help or clarifications.

  • What if I DON'T like talking to or serving clients? Is this suitable for me?

    You're NOT alone! I hate talking to and serving clients too. That's exactly why my agency evolved to be the 4-Hour Agency that it is - one that sells automatically without needing to talk to prospective clients. In fact, I've NEVER even talked to or met most of my long-time clients AT ALL! That's the WHOLE POINT of The 4-Hour Agency!

  • What if I LOVE talking to or serving clients? Is this suitable for me?

    YES! Even though the bulk of the material is focused on productized services and automation, you can definitely incorporate sales calls and more intimate communication if that's your thing! In fact, in the book, I described how The 4-Hour Agency system can bring you automated clients, then you can work with selected clients on high-ticket custom projects. If you love speaking to clients, you CAN make a lot more than 6 figures. Because some clients just NEED to speak to someone (high-touch clients).